Kind Words/Testimonials

We are new Kiko Goat farmers.  And besides watching a few videos on YouTube we were pretty clueless on a lot of different aspects of what was needed to care for them.  Even before we brought the goats home you reached out to us, and really helped us to prepare.  Your support, knowledge and guidance is priceless to our family.  We are forever grateful for all that you’ve done.  Thank you so much.

~ Stauffer Family Farm

I am so grateful for Hannah and her wisdom. I became a new goat owner last year and wanted to do everything as natural as possible. I had such trouble finding information on how to do this with my herd. There are so many conflicting opinions out there and I was so confused. Fortunately I found Hannah, she has helped me gain the confidence needed to care for my goats with a holistic type of approach. I have learned so much from her in the last couple of months and I feel so relieved to have her there to help me. She is always there when I need a question answered or if some strange illness pops up on a Sunday and I can’t get ahold of the vet and to me that is absolutely priceless! Thank you so much Hannah!

Laura H.

I jumped “all in” with starting a goat dairy by getting 25 Nigerians this year! Thankfully, I found Hannah through a recommendation on Instagram, and just in time too, as one of my sweet yearling does became very sick. Hannah walked beside me via IG messages through the whole recovery process. She gave me feedback, nutrition recommendations, natural remedies to try (that worked!!) and taught me how to do it all from rectal temps, to injections, and more. I have learned so much from her already and now recommend her expertise to every new goat owner I talk to! Thanks so much, Hannah! I’m excited to learn even more, because I know we’ve only barely scratched the surface of your knowledge so far!

Julia G.

When my pygora Oliver had a runny nose I didn’t know what to do. Being a new goat owner to 2 young boys I wasn’t sure if this was a big issue or just an allergy. I was concerned about it either way. Hannah, from The Giving Goat Natural Goat Care & Blog, recommended crushing up garlic to not only help him but it was also a way to improve his overall health in the future. I must admit I fussed over my babies, so I was worried about him and very thankful for her suggestion! His runny nose was gone within 2 days and he’s never had another issue with any allergies or cold since. She also recommended kelp meal which they love. It’s wonderful having natural ways to help my boys stay as healthy as they can! Thank you!!

~ Christine H.

I am so grateful for Hannah’s help with My small herd’s health. One of my goats was suffering from very bad hot spots. She helped me balance his diet and recommended minerals and natural remedies for internal and external parasites.  Newton has recovered completely and I have seen improvement in his skin and even his mood. His mom, Nilla, looks healthier than she was. Her coat is super shiny now. She recommends the use of garlic as a natural antibiotic and dewormer and it really works.  Fecals for both goats were sent to vet for examination and they both came back negative.  Check out her blog for some very good and useful information on natural goat care. It’s really better than using potentially harmful chemicals on your animals.

~ Lorna P.

“Hannah has been a wealth of knowledge for me and my small herd of goats. She’s quickly become a wonderful mentor and I always love brainstorming with her. She is very thorough, and asks all the right questions. As an intuitive, naturally she gives wonderful and accurate advice on maintaining my herd’s health. I always think of her first when I have a question about my goat family and want a holistic solution.”

~ Amanda

The Giving Goat Blog has been so wonderful and insightful! I have learned so much about my goats and what they need to live healthy and happy lives. Whether it’s through blogs or personal messages, Hannah has provided me with so much knowledge that I did not know before. I am so grateful for the resources!

~ Tabitha C.