As a natural goat care consultant, I guide people through many levels of goat care, and I answer as many questions as I can! My methods of natural goat care include, but are not limited to: herbalism, homeopathy, essentials oils/aromatherapy, acupressure/massage/body work, personalized nutrition, holistic illness prevention, and much more!

While I recommend that owners take care of their goats as naturally as possible, I can consult on many different goat management practices, including how to use conventional medicine safely and properly.

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a vet, nor am I a licensed professional. I am in no way a “goat expert” and my opinions are only that of personal experiences, and my insights shared are not medical treatment suggestions, care suggestions, or any directions for raising goats at all. I am simply sharing my own personal opinions. Any and all changes to your goats’ health regimen, care, etc. should be approved by a veterinary professional or licensed professional. I also believe that every goat owner has their own way of doing things, so just as my opinions are my own, and cannot apply to anyone else, your opinions are also regarding your individual goats, and I welcome you to share them in a kind, constructive manner.  NOTE: Posts may contain affiliate links, which I will receive a commission from. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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